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Multiple Holidays Party
This party was done at my house for a 6 year old.

Each child wore a Halloween costume.

I set up a small Christmas tree under which the children placed their presents when they arrived. As we waited for all of the guests, children strung popcorn and made simple ornaments to decorate the tree.

The table was decorated with Valentine plates and cups and place cards were made with Valentine cards.

The cake was decorated with each corner representing one holiday.

Before we had cake and ice cream, we passed a small stuffed Thanksgiving turkey around the table. Whoever was holding the turkey told one thing for which they were thankful.

We had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard.

There was a haunted house in the garage for Halloween.

Finally we had a fireworks show at the end of the party for New Years and/or 4th of July. Each child was also given a small box of Snappers as a party favor. They snap when you throw them on the ground. 

Submitted by:
Terri M. Whitaker
Simpsonville, South Carolina


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