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Super Bowl Party

Every good party starts with a fun invitation. What could be more appropriate than to mail your bowl game invitation in a bowl? Here's how:

Trace a disposable bowl's lid on paper. Cut out two pieces for each invitation.

On one slip of paper, write the party particulars and glue to the inside of the lid. On the other, write the recipient's name and address. Glue this to the lid (or use self-stick labels).

Put a handful of popcorn in the bowl, secure the lid with clear tape and mail. (Send one to yourself first to make sure it arrives undamaged.)

Encourage guests to come dressed in their favorite team colors or wear the team's insignia to start your party ambiance. Hosts should don referee stripes.

Drape your den with throws, tablecloths, shirts, jackets, hats and other team paraphernalia or items in team colors.

Add team and player posters, football equipment, pennants, photos and programs to further decorate the field of fun.

Use white tape or chalk to mark off the yard lines from the curb to your front door.

Cover chair backs with sports jerseys.

As a last touch, add a sign welcoming your guests to such as the Smith Stadium, Fisher Field, Arnold Arena using your last name.

Get the kids involved in making pom-poms with lengths of crepe paper, tape and wooden dowels.

While most of the action will revolve around the game, here are some pre-game, post-game and half-time activities you and your guests will enjoy. Entry slips should be given for various activities and later used to draw winning prizes.

Set up a friendly football pool using cash or entry slips for wagers.

Use clip art, stickers or team colors to make up name tags. Have guests choose a tag representing the team they are rooting for. To help spark the crowd, at the end of each quarter, the guests whose team is leading should receive an entry slip toward winning perhaps even the grand prize.

To add individual competition, let each guest draw a player number (use duplicates of top players) from a hat. As their "player" makes a good play (judged by the football experts in the crowd) guests are awarded an entry slip, and on a bad play a slip is taken from them. This is a great way to involve non-football fans.

Play football trivia at half-time, awarding entry slips for correct answers.

Gather the non-football fans into a cheering squad to perform an impromptu half-time routine. Award performers entry slips.

Video tape a show of fan fashions and vote for the most original, most loyal or funniest. Award entry slips for winners and air the video after the game.

Collect all drawing slips and hold your super prize drawing.

No gridiron gathering would be complete without snacks for the bunch to munch on. Try one or more of these fan fueling ideas.

Create a special drink concoction served from the "Super Shot Bowl".

Design your buffet to resemble a concession stand to dispense gourmet game goodies.

Use items like clean football helmets, shoulder pads, etc. to hold baskets or bowls of food.

Place Astroturf on your buffet table to substitute for a tablecloth.

Create mini goalposts from covered or painted paper towel tubes. Place one at the end of your table and hang your napkins on it.

Serve in sports theme serving dishes, paper and plastic tableware products.

Attach football trading cards to ponytail holders for use as napkin holders.

Arrange flowers, pom-poms and pennants in a football helmet for a hurrah-getting centerpiece.


No matter whose team comes out on top, your guests will all feel like winners if you send them home with one or more of the following pigskin motif prizes:

  • Magnets
  • Pens
  • Key Chains
  • Mugs
  • Auto Flags
  • Bumper Stickers and decals
  • Instant Photos in Football-Themed Photo Frames
  • Team Shirts
  • Hats or Other Garments
  • Books
  • Videos
  • Sports Magazines
  • Football Sports Cards  
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    Patty Sachs


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