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Teddy Bear Picnic Party

1. Every child arrives with their favorite bear.

2. Set up a cave area in the corner - rolls of brown paper work well for this and you can attach it to the wall or furniture in the room. Add blankets, picnic baskets and a tea party set.

3. Set up a Teddy Bear Clinic with doll beds, blankets, pillows and doctor's kits.


1. Bear Bingo - use famous bear pictures to make Bingo cards.

2. Toss the bee into the honey pot. Make a pom-pom bee and use to toss into a pot .

3. Bear Pinata


Bear Ears - colored construction paper, glue sticks, and a stapler - each child can make a set of bear ears to wear for party hats.


1. Use a teddy bear cookie cutter to cut out bear shaped sandwiches.

2. Teddy grahams.

3. The cake can be a bear - 2 round cakes make the head and body, six cupcakes make the paws and ears. Ice and use candies to decorate and black licorice for the claws.

Loot Bags

  • Bear shaped pencil toppers
  • Bear bubble wands
  • Bear stickers
  • Gummy bears  
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