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My Mushy Valentine's Day Dinner
As two single females who didn't have boyfriends for Valentine' Day, we had invited a couple of our new guy friends over to the house to an "Anti-Valentine" party. They showed up and this is what they found.

Two gals dressed in white and red evening dresses.

The house was fully decorated in red and white streamers which went from room to room. Red paper hearts hung from the ceiling and were placed on the floor leading them from the front door to the kitchen table. The living room was completed with candy hearts on the coffee tables, soft-mushy music in the background and a soft fire flickering in the fireplace. The kitchen was all decked out in hearts, streamers and as gaudy as we could make it. The table was presented with with doilies, candles and candy hearts.

We served delicate cuisine with properly accompanied wine.

On their plates we placed their Valentine's Day cards. The cards were VERY MUSHY and spoke of many years of love and devotion. Remembering all the good and bad times we have shared over the years. We even composed a special poem in the back to express our eternal love.

All four of us laughed ourselves to tears many times during the evening. By the end of the evening we had made up these play-pretend lives, full of kids, family quarrels, etc... 

Submitted by:
Sarah and Tammie
Colorado Springs, Colorado


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