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Come As You Are Party
This party requires the birthday child to keep a secret . . . her guests are about to be kidnapped!

Call guests' parents a few weeks before the party to let them in on the plans. Find out where each guest will be found at the appropriate time (times will have to be staggered to allow pick up of each guest). If you're having a sleepover, parents will need to pack a bag and let you know where it will be.

On the day of the party, pack a few drinks, snacks, party hats and drive to each location, picking up the guests one at a time. The fun builds as the group gets larger.

For an inexpensive home party, girls might like having a brunch, dancing, playing in a pool, making cool crafts, or watching a favorite movie.

Boys may like a game of squirt gun "paintball." Divide the guests into two teams, each with colored water in their guns (red for one team and blue for the other). The idea is similar to "capture the flag" but, a warrior must go to the POW camp if he is hit with the watergun. You can use white T-shirts to determine if a soldier was hit.

Or play a great game of flashlight tag after dark. You can use glow-in-the dark light sticks to illuminate the base.

For a special birthday, such as turning 13 or 16, try some of these kidnap locations . . . take guests to an amusement park for a day of rides, go to a nail salon for a makeover and top it with a special lunch, or rent a hotel room, spend the night and play in their pool and watch videos. Be sure to let the hotel know you'd like a room away from other "sleeping" guests! For a big surprise, rent a limo to pick up the guests. 

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