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Survivor Party
Have guests dress in bathing suits.

Food served in coconuts:

  • Bug and rat jello molds
  • Snakes ( Twizzlers )
  • Worms ( Gummy worms )


  • Hawaiian leis
  • Grass hut
  • Torches
  • Tropical plants
  • Totem pole
  • Fake rubber snakes, lizards, lobsters and crabs
  • Rat centerpieces

    Challege games:
    Losers get thrown out of the party (just kidding):

    Stand on one leg contest:
    The last one standing wins.

    Rat scavenger hunt:
    Use small rubber rats scattered around the backyard. Whoever finds the most rats win.

    Swimming race:
    Divide into 2 teams (alliances). One lap per swimmer. The team who finishes first wins.

    Water balloon toss:
    Divide into groups of 2. Your partner is also considered an alliance.

    This party is also a great addition to a beach party! 



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