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Kid's Rock 'N Roll Party
Compact Disc Cake:
Make a circle cake topped with white or silver icing. Paint colorful swirls on all sides of either cake. Write on the child's name to make it look like they're the singer on the CD.

Games and Activities:

If you have access to a computer, you can download free Karaoke songs from various web sites, and have kids sing different songs.

Board Games such as "Songburst" are also popular with the older crowd. Sing A' Longs, or Talent shows are good too.


  • Disco balls
  • Strobe Lights
  • Records and CD's
  • Black and White Streamers
  • Music Posters (turned at angles)
  • Bowtie, Tophat and silver confetti
  • Clear plastic silverware and cups

    Have signs made up to look like a music or band poster. If you have access to a scanner, why not scan the birthday child's picture and print it in black and white, with all the birthday info.

    Submitted by:
    Truly Canadian Magazine
    Port Hardy, BC, Canada


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