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Party Theme
The Night Before Christmas
Due to the hectic holiday season mail or hand deliver party invitations a bit earlier than usual. Your guests will need enough time to get the party date on their parents' calendars.

Get someone to play "Santa". Suggest ahead of time that he tell a story or two about his favorite Christmas adventures after he has chatted with each child.

Don't forget to have your camera and film ready to snap lots of pictures at this party. Be sure to get a picture of each child on Santa's lap or take a group picture with Santa as the center of attention. You can then send one copy to each child in attendance at your party.

You don't have to break your budget to have great attention- grabbing invitations. The ones for this party look great and yet are reasonably priced and easy enough for the children to make.

Start with St. Nick stationary and envelopes. Using a versatile and reusable "It's a Party" rubber stamp and an ink pad, the children can print their own invitations. Have them practice on scratch paper. Seal each envelope with a Christmas sticker.

Activities include the stories, talking with Santa and a gift exchange.

Gift Exchange:
Have each child bring a small give no more than $5. Or encourage children to be creative and have the gift be hand made. Be sure they make them generic so either a boy or girl will be happy with it. Have them bring it wrapped. Then when it is time for the exchange, place all gifts in the middle of the room and have all the children form a circle around the gifts. Each child will take a turn picking one gift.

If you are really adventurous... have the first child pick a gift and open it. Then the second child can either take a gift or take the first child's gift. If they take the first child's gift than the first child chooses again and opens it. Then it is the third persons turn. The third person can then choose a gift or take the one from child 1 or 2. Continue till all children have a gift. Then take one last turn around the room and to choose from each other until all have had a second chance to take the gift they want. A gift can not be stolen more than once by each person. 

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Chewelah, Washington


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