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French Cafe Party (Outdoors)
This is a party which should be planned as an outside event. It creates a romantic, warm setting.

Invite the Guests

Start the invitation off by inviting your guest to the "Grand Opening" of your Bistro. You could try the following:

Jimmy Doe's Cafe De Noms
Jazz Music and Good Spirits Under The Stars

Then list the menu and make sure you have a telephone number where they can "make reservations" (RSVP). Directions to your "Cafe" should be on the invitations.


White table cloths work best. If you really want to catch that Bistro flare, try white paper table covers and leave small jars with crayons in them for your guests to "draw" on the table cloths with! It's very 70's beatnik!

Along with optional drawing supplies, the table should be decorated with small floral bouquettes, perferably in blues and purples with plenty of leafy greenery. Try a few votives in some rustic holders to really capture the total effect.

Since you will be outside, atmosphere is key! The stars will take over later in the night but during the evening, white Christmas lights wrapped in and around the trees will do nicely.


A Bistro or Cafe is suppose to be a local watering hole or gathering spot. Create that feeling by having a side-bar for your drink menu. Serve good, local-grown red wines and bottles of microbrewed beer from the area. You can even offer your guests a chilled pint glass by placing an ice chest next to the bar. This is a great effect for those going "low-budget". No bartender to pay at your self-serve side bar.


A self-serve buffett of warm breads of different shapes and sizes, sliced meats and cheeses, fresh bowls of washed fruits like pears, grapes, berries and plums as well as crackers and veggies.

For a larger or more formal menu, try a tourne of mushroom soup or some roasted garlic and sun-dried tomato pasta. Cap it off with skewers of summer squash and asparagus roasted on an outdoor flame.


Creme Brullee with fresh Blackberries, New York Style Cheesecake, Black Forrest cake.

Don't forget the extra strong coffee! Make sure to have cream and sugar on each table for your guests.


Soft Jazz and Blues fit the romantic soul of the moment. I would suggest the following artists:

  • Ella Fitzgerald
  • Muddy Waters
  • Buddy Guy
  • Billie Holiday
  • Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • Van Morrison.

    From a simple Birthday party to a lovely reception or rehersal dinner, the Cafe/Bistro Party theme is easy to create, affordable and a romantic memory for years to come!  

    Submitted by:
    E. Mays
    San Lorenzo, California


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