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Luau For Kids
For my 10th birthday, I had a Luau! It was so much fun!

For the decorations, we used plastic flamingoes in the front yard, little plastic flamingoes as the lights in the backyard, plastic fish lights on the terrace in the air, palm trees hanging in the oak trees, hanging lanterns, tiki torches and leis in a little tree on the terrace.

We also had little fruit drinks in bright colored cups.

We played a game where you had a broom and you had to sweep your coconut to the oak tree. The first person there won.

Another game played was "water limbo" where (obviously) you had to make it under the hose without getting hit by water.

When the guests came, we had their names in Hawaiian on the wall outside and they had to guess which one was theirs.

It was a lot of fun, but if you do it, be sure to do it when it's hot outside!&n! bsp;

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Mobile, Alabama


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