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Fairy Tale Ball
The Invitations:

Make your own invitations into the shape of a crown or a star. Add glitter and star stickers to the invite. Ask the children to come in fancy dress with the theme as Princesses or Fairies and Princes or Knights-in-Armour.

The Venue:

If the weather is dry,then you can plan you party outside. Firstly use a tent or gazebo as the area for the children to have a "Disco Ball". Decorate with crepe garlands,balloons and fairy lights. If its Summer then use pots of flowers to add colour too. Have music for the disco choosing a type of music that fits with your child's taste. Use disco lights if you have some.


Have a buffet with traditional party food for children and decorate the table with glitter, table decors and helium balloons. This buffet table could be either in a room indoors or outside too!

Decorate plates and cups with glitter and stars. Decorate the rest of the room or garden with crepe garlands and balloons as well.

Party Games:

Have lots of party games e.g. "musical chairs","pass the parcel","musical statues" etc.

Also another idea is to have lots of flags made and placed either around the garden or placed in a castle made from a box. Make enough flags for each child and mark each hidden end with a colour. These colours will denote which prize the child wins. Each child will in turn choose a flag and receive the prize indicated by the colour. The prizes can be something small like a lollipop with a few larger prizes for the lucky ones like a book.

Another game is to ask the children in turn "how many sweets in the jar" and the child with the nearest guess wins the jar of sweets.

Birthday Cake:

The birthday cake is a "Fairy Castle" with turrets and decorated with cake fairy dust and ribbons and flags. A simple design is a square cake with lollipop rolls and ice-cream cones for the towers and turrets. Decorate with sweets and ribbons.

Finally party bags are given out with streamers and sweets and cake and a helium balloon attached too! 

Submitted by:
Michelle Bowen
Worcestershire, United Kingdom


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